Full 360 Hands-Free VR Capture Solution

Available March 2017


Full 360 Helmet-Mounted Capture

The HaloVR holds up to 12 GoPro cameras on an upper platform ring surrounding the head. The modular design is fully adjustable and can be expanded to include additional hardware components, solidifying the HaloVR as a strong foundation for any application involving mobile HD video capture. 


Comfort + Stability

The HaloVR structural design properly distributes weight to avoid uncomfortable strain on the neck, while ensuring the core capture stability that is a hallmark of MOCAP Design products.


MOCAP Design products have thousands of hours of professional on-set use in motion capture and feature film productions, and are backed by years of active research and development in a practical production environment. 



Single Boom Arm

Single Boom Arm

Dual Boom Arm

Dual Boom Arm

Chinstrap Attachment

Chinstrap Attachment

An adjustable boom arm can be added to hold an additional camera for simultaneous facial capture or POV perspective. Adding a chinstrap attachment allows the equipment to be used for stunt + action sequences like acrobatics, fights, etc.


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